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Tunisie Clearing
Confidentiality – effectiveness – innovation

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Last update : 23-02-2015


  • STICODEVAM becomes Tunisie Clearing.
  • Capital increase from 3.748.275 DT to 4.414.635 DT.
  • Implementation of a CSD rules draft to formalize management rules and procedures in relation with Tunisie Clearing business.
  • Signing of an agreement with the Stock Exchange to frame the exercise of both entities missions.
  • Designation of « Eurogroup Consulting » to assess the evolution scenarios of Tunisie Clearing information system.
  • Setting short and medium terms IT strategy providing the establishment of virtualization, enhancement of operational conditions, use of new technologies and development of a formal business continuity plan.
  • Entry into force of a code of conduct in relation with the ethical rules and professional procedures applying to Tunisie Clearing staff.
  • Participation to IFBT & AIB roundtable «repo: a new opportunity for mutual funds».
  • Participation to EBRD workshop «The Tunisian capital market: a state overview ».
  • Launch of a service allowing settlement of repo operations.
  • Launch of a service to investors allowing their identification at the CSD level andthe segregation of their assets under the participants’ assets.
  • Launch of two new services on the members area permitting the consultation of:
    • Shareholders registers;
    • Invoices.


  • Capital increase from 3.331.800 DT to 3.748.275 DT.
  • Automated confirmation of cash settlement: In collaboration with the Central Bank of Tunisia, Tunisie Clearing has set an automated solution that enables transfers on securities accounts upon receipt of the Central Bank confirmation on cash settlement.
  • IT Audit: As part of the legal audit of accounts in 2013, the external auditor « Ernst&Young » has performed a review of the organization, main IT process, IT architecture and controls of Tunisie Clearing
  • Fiscal Manual: Development of a fiscal manual that describes every fiscal aspect with regard to legal references, administrative doctrines and consultations with the fiscal administration.
  • Review of operations guidelines and procedures manuals.
  • Redevelopment of the billing software: a new billing software has been developed by Tunisie Clearing team.
  • Quick diagnostic on the performance of the communication system (members area). 
  • Use of a new open source system «GLPI » to follow up incidents.
  • Signature of a memorandum of understanding with TAKASBANK on 13/02/2013. The MoU frames the exchange of skills and experiences in clearing and settlement field.
  • Signature of a memorandum of understanding with MKK on 01/03/2013. The MoU frames the exchange of skills and experiences in the securities field.


  • Capital increase from 2.776.500 DT to 3.331.800 DT
  • Generalization of the registers updating procedures to all listed companies.
  • Launch of the register holding service by Tunisie Clearing.
  • Establishment of a provisional settlement service.
  • Participation to INVESTIA (the Salon of Stock Exchange and Financial services) from 1st to 3rd  November.
  • Adherence to the Association of Francophone Stock Exchanges in Africa (ABFA).
  • Participation to the 15th and 16th meeting of AMEDA (April 25-27 in Morocco and November 27-29 in Kuwait).